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Anti-cellulite Deal

Super Deals (Up to 70% Off)


What do you get from this super deal:

 Free intake. During the intake, we will explain the treatment and answer all your questions.

 You can directly have the first treatment after the intake without making a new appointment.

 Fast and painless treatment. Natural and permanent cellulite removal without surgery.

 After the treatment, you will get a massage on the treated area.

No extra cost. 59,50 euro incl. everything in one treatment.

 You will get 10% discount on our cellulite products.

UPPER ARMS normal: € 145,50Now  € 59,50
LEGS INSIDE OR OUTSIDE normal: € 145,50Now  € 59,50
ARMS AND LEGS normal: € 291,00Now  € 99, 00
 BELLY normal: € 145,50Now  € 59,50
 LOVE HANDLES normal: € 145,50Now  € 59,50
 BUTTOCKS normal: € 145,50Now  € 59,50
 TWO LARGE ZONES normal: € 291,00Now  € 99, 00
 4× TWO SMALL ZONES normal: € 564,50Now  € 198, 00
 4× ONE LARGE ZONES normal: € 564,50Now  € 198, 00
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You can call us for an appointment 020 341 8373 or book directly online.

This special deal is valid till December.31, 2020. Offer cannot be Combined with any other discount.

For more details and inquiry about services please don’t hesitate to contact us.