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What is Cryolipolysis?


A new body shaping technology to permanently remove fat cells using freezing. Cryolipolysis is also known as lipo-freezing. Cryolipolysis is an effective new way to break down fat cells locally by exposing them to low temperatures. During a cryolipolysis treatment the fat cells are cooled in a way that enables the body to break them down and dispose of them. During the treatment unwanted fat deposits are broken down in a controlled and non-invasive way to enable a controlled improvement of the body’s contours. The exposure to low temperatures causes the destruction of subcutaneous fatty tissue without damaging the surrounding tissue. Cryolipolysis is a non-surgical alternative to liposuction, developed by Harvard scientist.


How does Cryolipolysis work?


During the treatment, a special conductor is placed onto the chosen body zone and the subcutaneous tissue is lifted using vacuum technology, after which the fatty tissue is cooled with selected cryo-technology. Using fast cooling the subcutaneous tissue is destroyed. The fat cells in the subcutaneous tissue contains a lot of saturated fatty acids and they are therefore more susceptible to cold exposure.

Thanks to this new technique little rolls of fat in specific areas such as the belly, legs, and waist can be tackled. When dieting and sports do not deliver the desired results cryolipolysis can remove 2 to 5 centimeters of fat per cure. At Cryo Beauty Hub we offer the possibility to treat more than one zone at the same time. After the treatment, the body’s natural metabolism will gradually remove the treated fat cells through the kidneys and the liver. The first results from the treatment will be visible after 6 weeks. Because the fat cells are drained gradually, the skin will adapt to the new slimmer contours without slackening. The big advantage of cryolipolysis is that the fat cells are removed without damage to the skin or any other surrounding tissue or organs.


Scientifically proven:


Research has shown that fat cells are naturally more vulnerable to the effects of cold than surrounding tissue, and that fat cells can be safely removed without damaging the skin. The selective effect occurs because the fat cells crystallise at a higher temperature than the freezing point of cells containing water. In this way cryolipolysis can tackle fat cells, whilst skin, muscles and nerves remain unaffected.


How many treatments do I need?


After a free intake consultation we first decide whether this technique is suitable for the particular client, after which the treatment method is explained and treatment plan is made.
The number of treatments necessary depends on the volume of the chosen zone. For the best results you will need 4 to 6 treatments on average.There are 45 days between treatments.


What does the client experience?


During the first few minutes of the treatment a client will experience an intense sensation of cold which passes quite quickly. The client is sitting or lying down comfortably and can read, use a laptop or even sleep. Depending on the number of treated zones, a session takes about 30 mins to 1 hour.


Is there a recovery period after the treatment?


You can resume your everyday activities on the day of the treatment. This includes physical (sport) activity.


For whom is cryolipolysis suitable?


Cryolipolysis is not meant to facilitate weight loss, but it is intended to improve the contours of the body and remove localised fatty deposits. Therefore the treatment is not suited to treat excess weight. Precisely those people who, despite intensive exercise cannot get rid of, for example, their ‘love handles’ can benefit from a cryolipolysis treatment. When these problems areas, despite diet and exercise and its associated weight loss, don’t want to shift, cryolipolysis can be for you. During a course 3 to 5 cm of fat can be removed permanently. So for people who, despite a healthy lifestyle, have little rolls of fat that they can get rid of, this treatment is a quick, painless and relatively easy treatment method. But also people who are losing weight through a diet can use cryolipolysis to break down excess fat more easily. To be clear: you lose weight through exercise and a healthy diet, whilst cryolipolysis helps shrink your so-called ‘problem zones’.


The results of the cryolipolysis treatments are comparable to invasive treatment methods such as liposuction. The fat cells are eliminated and the results are retained as long (through a healthy diet and exercise) the normal calorie balance is retained. The fat cells will stay away permanently as long as the client maintains his or her weight. By paying attention to your diet and exercising regularly the long-term results will be stable. It is also possible to optimise the results of a cryolipolysis treatment by combining the treatment with a Radio Frequency session and ultrasound at which we are very experienced as well.


Health intake questions:


Please check with your doctor first if you answer “YES” to any of the following questions:



The advantages of Cryolipolysis:


  • multiple zones can be treated at the same time
  • slim down where you want
  • a course of treatments consists of 4 sessions
  • proven to be effective
  • improves skin quality
  • measurable results 4 to 6 weeks after the first treatment
  • the treatment is absolutely painless
  • there’s no “down time”
  • this external treatment is non-invasive
  • slim down healthily with quickly visible results
  • fat cells are disposed of by the body in a natural way
  • safe treatment without any risk of unpleasant complications
  • alternative to liposuction
  • can also be used after a liposuction treatment


Which zones can be treated?


Every zone of the body with unwanted fatty deposits can be treated with cryolipolysis. The side effects which can be caused by the treatments are minimal and harmless. There can be localised redness, bruises and a slight temporary numbness of the skin. These potential side effects disappear naturally over time. Usually the thighs, belly, “love handles” and arms are treated. In cases of noticeable asymmetry of the body’s contours it is also possible to treat just one side.


What counts as one zone?


upper OR lower abdomen: 1 zone

upper AND lower abdomen: 2 zones

hips: 2 zones

flanks/love handles: 2 zones

inner OR outer thighs: 2 zones

bra rolls: 2 zones

upper arms: 2 zones

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