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Skin firming and tightening with Radio-frequency

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Skin firming and tightening with Radio-frequency

Skin firming and tightening with Radio-frequency (RF).


The skin ages because of a natural biological process but also because pollution, stress, sunlight, lifestyle and medication. Every year we lose 1% of our natural collagen. This results in sagging skin with reduced elasticity, changed texture, lines and wrinkles – all visible signs of ageing. As we get older, cell divisions slows down. As a result the natural moisture regulation stagnate and elasticity is reduced. Fibroblasts are cells which produce elastin and collagen. In a young skin these are renewed every 21-28 days, but as we get older, this process only happens once every 40-45 days. The skin will slacken and wrinkles can start to appear. Collagen and elastin are supporting base proteins, which make the skin strong and flexible. As the years go by, a reduction in collagen results in the slackening of the skin. The skin loses its suppleness. From age 25 the skin gradually reduces its production of collagen, which results in slackening of the skin and wrinkles. During the menopause this process will speed up rapidly. With the RF treatment we can counteract this process using pulses which penetrate into the skin. Every pulse which enters the skin during the Fotofacial RF treatment consists of two sources of energy: the bipolar RF and the flash light (IPL). These invisible pulses cause intensive heat within the skin. The raised temperature in the skin tissue causes a contraction of the present collagen. The fibroblasts will be activating so that they start producing new collagen and elastin. The result is the tightening of the skin. Often improvement is visible even after the first treatment.


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How does the RF treatment work:


During the treatment a cooling gel will be applied to the target area. This gel conducts the energy into the skin. After this the sapphire will be projected onto the skin and the pulses start penetrating into the skin. These pulses can be perceived as a tingling sensation. It’s possible that treatment will leave some redness and a warm sensation. Normally these phenomena will disappear within an hour of the treatment.


Who can have the RF treatment?


There’s no age limit and the treatment is suitable for all skin-types. If you want to counteract the signs of ageing and would like to have smoother, firmer and fresher looking and feeling skin then this treatment is for you.

How many treatments will I need?


A typical treatment series consists of about 6 sessions. Depending on the condition of your skin, an average of 4 to 8 treatments is available. For optimal results and real skin rejuvenation we recommend a cure every week. In order to maintain the result obtained and to reduce skin aging and cellulite, it is recommended to treat once every 4 to 6 weeks.

When can I expect results?


We see results in almost all patients from the first treatment. The desired improvement is reached after a completed treatment course with measurable results and improvement of skin texture. Results may vary from person to person.

Has the treatment been clinically tested?


Radio-frequency treatment have been clinically tested and have been proven to tighten the skin resulting in a younger looking skin. Everyone who is treated with radio-frequency can expect a smoother, tighter skin.


Which zones can be treated?


Every zone of the body with unwanted cellulite can be treated with RF. The side effects which can be caused by the treatments are minimal and harmless. There can be localised redness, bruises and a slight temporary numbness of the skin. These potential side effects disappear naturally over time. Usually the thighs, belly, “love handles” and arms are treated. In cases of noticeable asymmetry of the body’s contours it is also possible to treat just one side.

UPPER ARMS normal: 145,50 | now 59, 50

LEGS INSIDE OR OUTSIDE normal:  145,50 | now: 59, 50

ARMS AND LEGS normal: 291,00 | now: 99, 00

BELLY normal: 145,50 | now: 59, 50

LOVE HANDLES normal: 145,50 | now: 59, 50

BUTTOCKS normal: 145,50 | now: 59, 50

TWO LARGE ZONES normal: 291,00 | now: 99, 00

4× TWO SMALL ZONES normal: 564,50 | now: 198, 00

4× ONE LARGE ZONES normal: 564,50 | now: 198, 00

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