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Step-by-step Lechat Perfect Match Tutorials

Step-by-step Lechat Perfect Match Tutorials

LeChat’s Perfect Match Gel Polish system:

Base/Top/Gel Polish… – 15ml.

The Perfect Match Gel Manicure that lasts up to 14days!

Our inspiration, creativity, and innovations are what set us apart from the rest as trendsetters. We’re not just another manufacturer, but a true partner and friend in the nail industry.

Yet another break through in nail product development by LeChat Nail Care, Perfect Match Gel Polish provides the benefits of gel: added strength, no chipping, fading, or drying time, with the look, feel and application similar to that of traditional nail polish. Perfect Match Gel Polish can be removed effortlessly by using puur aceton; your clients will greatly appreciate the long lasting wear, while keeping their nails looking natural and healthy.

What is needed for a complete Perfect Match Gel Polish Manicure (All the tools you can find on our webshop):

1. Cuticle PusherNippersFile & Buffer

2. Nail Prep Solution/Alcohol & Lint-Free Wipes

3. Perfect Match Ultra-Thin Varnish Base 

4. Perfect Match Gel Polish Color of choice

5. Perfect Match Gel Polish Top Coat or High-Gloss Top Coat


6. 36Watt above UV Light

Perfect Match Gel Polish Manicure Application:

  1. Begin by performing a dry manicure: Cleanse the hands/nails using Nail Prep Solution or Alcohol, shape the nails, push back the cuticle & use nippers to remove any dead skin from the cuticle area
  2. Using a 180 grit white block buffer, gently remove the shine from the natural nail bed. Be sure to get around the cuticle and side walls of the nail.
  3. Spray and wipe the nails with Alcohol or Aceton and a lint-free wipe. 
  4. Apply one coat of Perfect Match Clear Gel Base to all 5 fingers, cap the free-edge and smooth out nails by brushing a complete stroke with pressure onto the nail bed from cuticle to free-edge. If needed, at the same time remove all excess gel. Cure for 1 minute. (Hint: to keep the first layer of Base Gel very thin and for proper adhesion, when remove brush from Base Gel bottle, make sure to empty all excess of gel on both side of brush barely leaving any gel on the brush. First layer of Base gel that goes directly onto the natural nail bed should be very thin. After first layer is cured, if 2nd layer is needed, whatever amount of Base Gel can be applied as needed. On the first layer of Base Gel, make sure to massage the brush into the nail bed back and forth going completely to the right and left of both side walls. Smooth out nails by doing complete brush strokes from cuticle to free edge before placing nails into UV light. This will ensure nails are smooth and no build up or thickness of gel at free-edge. This massaging technique will provide proper adhesion and keep the first layer of Base Gel as thin as possible)
  5. Choose a Perfect Match Gel Polish color, apply one thin coat to the entire hand up to the cuticle. Cure for 1 minute.
  6. For a rich, even color, apply a second coat of Perfect Match Gel Polish to each nail and cure for an additional 1 minute.
  7. Finally, apply Perfect Match Top Coat Sealer, enough to allow brush to glide across the nail & cap the free-edge and smooth out nails by brushing a complete stroke from cuticle to free-edge before placing hand into UV light. Cure for 3 minutes.
  8. Wipe each nail again with Alcohol and a lint-free wipe. Finish with Vitamin Enriched Cuticle Oil.
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